Canton 2019 Revaluation Scheduled

The Town of Canton hired O’Donnell & Associates for two previous equalization programs in 1985 and 2005, and has approved a new revaluation.  Canton’s board members are keenly aware that a good inventory and equitable values are the only way … Read More

Assessors Save Lives

A woman from Boothbay called to thank the two assessors who came to her house and saved her life. They arrived while she was having a heart attack and called 911 on her behalf.  She is well today and grateful. … Read More

Shapleigh Revaluation Underway

The Town of Shapleigh has been an O’Donnell & Associates client since 1993. The new equalization program will be the third reval with us.  One senior staffer recognizes many properties from previous visits.  Continuity of staff and assessment practice are … Read More

Tax Commitment Season Wrapping Up

This year, O’Donnell & Associates will be responsible for or assist with 40 municipal tax commitments. All but a handful are complete and we are on the home stretch.

Founder celebrates 98th birthday

In September, Jack celebrated his 98th birthday with his family at his home.  He still enjoys the Red Sox, reading, gardening & his swimming pool.

Dan Kane, newest team member

Dan Kane is a life-long resident of Auburn.  He had a 23 year career in criminal justice, and recently earned his Real Estate Agent’s license.  He will work in the field for us this summer.

Noel Madore, CMA, recent addition to staff

Noel Madore, Certified Maine Assessor, has a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management and a Bachelors in Public Management from the University of Maine system. He enjoys having the opportunity to visit townspeople and see their homes while in … Read More

Alna chooses a 2018 revaluation

Alna has been an O’Donnell & Associates assessing client since 2001.  The relationship started with a revaluation; now it is time to undertake a completely new equalization program.  Field work will start this fall.