Property Tax Assessing

We offer customized services to towns, allowing each municipal client to determine the extent of contract services they want, from database management to the full assessing functions of a sworn assessor. O’Donnell’s CAMA (computer assisted mass appraisal) Software is utilized in 38 towns. Our staff members are also proficient in a variety of other software products, allowing us to integrate our services with pre-existing programs. Competent field work to maintain inventories and careful monitoring of local and regional markets allow us to consistently assign defensible, fair values.


A town-wide revaluation/equalization program is a commitment to fairness for all property owners. The primary purpose is to re-establish equity in assessed values across all property types. We have an outstanding record of achieving value results with excellent ratings by the Maine Revenue Services in their Assessment Standards Rating process. By the end of 2024, we will have completed 108 equalization programs.


O’Donnell & Associates CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) Software

Initially developed in 1994, O’Donnell & Associates Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal software sets the foundation for integrated assessment administration. It has been fine-tuned by Certified Maine Assessors to meet Maine assessing requirements. Robust relational databases allow assessors to create and maintain detailed inventory and establish accurate values. Our CAMA program also serves as a document management system.

For towns using Harris Computer Systems TRIO software, O’Donnell’s CAMA offers a seamless interface with the TRIO Tax Billing module via an interface available from Harris Computer Systems.

The State of Maine uses a custom version of O’Donnell’s Property Tax Manager Tax Billing and Collection system in the Unorganized Territory. The collection system is customized to work with the Maine Image Processing System (MIPS).


O’Donnell & Associates offer specialty mapping, new digital tax mapping programs and digital conversion projects.

A growing number of clients are migrating to digital mapping or GIS. We have finalized digital conversion projects for over a dozen towns. We offer support to our clients as they transition to digital platforms.

Tax Map Revisions

Since 1961, we have served the needs of many New England communities with tax map programs and annual tax map revision services. With relationships lasting decades, we offer familiarity, continuity, reasonable pricing, and quality print products.