Noel Madore, CMA, recent addition to staff

Noel Madore, Certified Maine Assessor, has a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management and a Bachelors in Public Management from the University of Maine system. He enjoys having the opportunity to visit townspeople and see their homes while in … Read More

Alna chooses a 2018 revaluation

Alna has been an O’Donnell & Associates assessing client since 2001.  The relationship started with a revaluation; now it is time to undertake a completely new equalization program.  Field work will start this fall.

Boothbay contracts with O’Donnell & Associates for 2018 Revaluation

The revaluation will utilize O’Donnell Cama, the company’s Maine assessing software.  Thirty-five towns use O’Donnell Cama.  Boothbay uses O’Donnell digital tax maps created in 2014.  Boothbay assessing information will be available on following the revaluation.

Company founder turns 97

John E. O’Donnell, Jr., who started O’Donnell & Associates in 1961, turned 97 this September.  Jack is independent and active; he enjoys gardening, reading, and the Red Sox.  He celebrated his birthday with family at his home.

Dixfield chooses a complete equalization program for 2018

The Dixfield Board of Selectmen are committed to fair values for all properties.  The last Dixfield revaluation was completed by O’Donnell & Associates in 2008.  We all know the real estate market has changed since then.  Dixfield has directed O’Donnell … Read More

Andover approves 2018 revaluation

The residents of Andover voted to conduct a modern, town wide property revaluation.  O’Donnell & Associates will conduct the equalization program using O’Donnell’s CAMA (Computer Assisted Maine Assessing) software. This is Andover’s first revaluation in over 25 years.  Andover joins the … Read More

2017 Revaluation for Sweden

An equalization program is underway in Sweden, Maine, to be completed in the summer of 2017.  O’Donnell & Associates also conducted Sweden’s revaluation programs in 2006 & 1996.  Sweden has been a client for twenty years.

Wayne Millen shares his expertise

Wayne joined O’Donnell & Associates in September.  After retiring from the U.S. Forestry Service, he has a lot to offer.  Wayne will focus on paper to digital mapping conversions and the ongoing maintenance of Geographic Information Systems.