Otisfield assessing information now online

For a small town Otisfield can be a busy place, especially in the summer. Otisfield now has assessing information online. This means less time going to the Town Office for information.

Minot Assessing Information Now Online

Minot property information is now on the O’Donnell & Associates website. Minot recognizes the importance of making government information open and easy to access. Sharing assessing information is a good way to show that the Town operates openly.

Temple selects O’Donnell & Associates for 2013 revaluation.

Temple will conduct the Town’s first ever revaluation in 2013. O’Donnell & Associates will visit all Temple properties to establish new assessed values. The revaluation will utilize O’Donnell’s computer assisted Maine assessing software.

Gilead set for Revaluation in 2013

Gilead has selected O’Donnell & Associates for the Town’s first full revaluation in over 30 years. The project will utilize O’Donnell assessing software. The revaluation will be completed by August 2013.

Carlisle, MA tax mapping goes digital

Carlisle, MA has selected O’Donnell & Associates to develop digital tax maps utilizing data from the State of Massachusetts digital parcel project. O’Donnell has served Carlisle’s tax mapping needs for 38 years.