Mechanic Falls to offer online assessing information

Town Manager John Hawley and Assessing Clerk Shirley Marquis recognize they have a small staff. The convenience of online assessing information for the public, coupled with the time savings for Town staff, will ease some of the pressure of work … Read More

Minot will update assessed values in 2011

Minot has contracted with O’Donnell & Associates to update assessed values for April 1, 2011. The program utilizes O’Donnell assessment software that was first implemented in a 2003 revaluation. The 2011 program will include visits to improved properties. Minot has … Read More

Acton 2011 Equalization awarded to O’Donnell Associates

The program utilizes O’Donnell’s assessment software. The Town will purchase the O’Donnell/Trio software interface from Harris Computer Systems. When the equalization is complete Acton intends to provide assessing information online through O’Donnell’s online assessing service. The Town is also working … Read More

Poland votes funds for digital mapping/GIS work

The Town of Poland has authorized funding for digital mapping and the beginnings of a geographic information system. O’Donnell & Associates will compile materials from individual short term digital mapping efforts as well as existing paper maps. The project will … Read More

Auburn City Manager and Assessor get resourceful

Faced with a labor shortage in the Assessing Office City Manager Glenn Aho and Assessor Renee LaChapelle have a creative solution. Auburn has approximately 1100 taxpayer lists to process. O’Donnell & Associates has experienced assessing staff. The company will assist … Read More