Limerick Plans 2024 Revaluation

O’Donnell & Associates will conduct the sixth revaluation for the Town of Limerick in the last 45 years.  Revaluation is needed to re-establish equity in assessed values across all property types.  Limerick is committed to fairness for its tax payers.

Mechanic Falls Revaluation

The revaluation program in Mechanic Falls is close to the end.  When proposed values are available, links to the information will be posted on our website here:

Spring flowers mean…

it is time for assessing field work.  Our employees always check in with the town office to let them know when we are in town for field work.

Hebron Town-wide Revaluation

O’Donnell & Associates will conduct a full Equalization Program for the Town of Hebron. O’Donnell employees will be in the field collecting data this spring, and the project will continue through the summer.

End of the season

Lakes are quiet; leaves are falling.  And 33 out of 36 of our client towns have committed taxes.

Jack turns 102!

Jack celebrates his 102nd birthday in Sept. 2022 with family & friends.  It takes a lot of cake for 102 candles!

Wish you were here?

Maine has many cool, quiet, beautiful lakes.  As they say, “Hidden gems.”