Over $2.2 million of Tax Payer Relief

The estimated tax relief payments expected for qualifying tax payers in O’Donnell & Associates’ towns will be $2,261,000.  Our efficient effort to provide correct data will help the State Treasurer’s Office mail payments in January or February, 2020.

Maine’s Property Tax Relief Fund

In response to the State’s Property Tax Relief Fund (click link for more information) effort, O’Donnell & Associates sent the Treasurer’s Office a list of Homestead exemption recipients on behalf of 36 of our 37 assessing client towns.  This will … Read More

Founder turns 99

In September, Jack O’Donnell celebrated his birthday with family members. The company he started in 1961 is still going strong and so is he.

Turner Special Town Meeting Vote

Turner voters have approved funding for O’Donnell & Associates to do annual assessing work for the Town, and have committed to a revaluation in 2022-2023. The revaluation program will be conducted using O’Donnell CAMA (Computer Assisted Maine Assessing) software.

Selectman’s Support for Canton Revaluation

Hi Paul, I just want to thank you for taking the time to discuss the equalization for the Town of Canton.  It appears to me that you have done a very thorough sales analysis of the Town and identified  our … Read More

New Gloucester Town Meeting Vote

New Gloucester voters agreed to fund an Equalization Program for 2020. The revaluation will utilize O’Donnell CAMA, the company’s Maine assessing software.  Thirty-seven towns use O’Donnell CAMA.

O’Donnell & Associates step up to help Bridgton

A recent change in personnel left the very busy Bridgton Town Office in need of help with assessing clerical work.  We have arranged our schedules to make sure that Bridgton gets the resources needed to prepare for the tax commitment … Read More

Livermore stays on schedule

The Town of Livermore is prepared and funded for a 2020 Revaluation.  The town wisely spread out the cost over several years’ budgets.  Now they are all set to assure equity and fairness for all property owners.