Woodstock to offer online assessing information

Woodstock, Maine is making tax assessment information available online when taxes are committed in 2012. Town Manager Vern Maxfield is confident that property owners will benefit from having easy access to their property assessment information.

Mechanic Falls to offer online assessing information

Town Manager John Hawley and Assessing Clerk Shirley Marquis recognize they have a small staff. The convenience of online assessing information for the public, coupled with the time savings for Town staff, will ease some of the pressure of work … Read More

Minot will update assessed values in 2011

Minot has contracted with O’Donnell & Associates to update assessed values for April 1, 2011. The program utilizes O’Donnell assessment software that was first implemented in a 2003 revaluation. The 2011 program will include visits to improved properties. Minot has … Read More

Acton 2011 Equalization awarded to O’Donnell Associates

The program utilizes O’Donnell’s assessment software. The Town will purchase the O’Donnell/Trio software interface from Harris Computer Systems. When the equalization is complete Acton intends to provide assessing information online through O’Donnell’s online assessing service. The Town is also working … Read More